At first it was Girlfriend Collective’s precise construction, dusty jewel tones and inclusive marketing that caught my eye. Then I learned about the brand’s unwavering commitment to affordability, sustainability and ethical labor practices, and that sealed the deal – this Seattle based company captured my heart.

Girlfriend Collective was founded in 2015 by a married couple who are obsessed with meeting the needs of women who care as much about where their clothes come from as where they take them. And the results are good. Like really good. The elemental colors, flattering designs and minimalism of their gear make me want to plan a chill desert adventure with friends ASAP. While the use of deadstock fabric, garments made from recycled plastic, and their majorly educational Instagram make me a part of a sustainable future for fashion that I’m excited to support. If you really want to get into it, go lose yourself in their website stories aimed at educating young women about breast cancer, or their fascinating step-by-step explanation of how 25 water bottles can become leggings and why they opted for oversees manufacturing. This truly is some gear for good that I need in lots of colors! I think I’ll start with the Dusty Rose collection, how about you?

(Girlfriend Collective $28 – 68)