Some our of favorite, FIT approved ways to be have fun and be healthy with your crew this weekend…

Ditch the car

Instead of hopping in the car when you need to get somewhere, figure out how you could walk, ride a bike, or take public transit to reach your hangout destination. Maybe even make the main ‘activity’ the transportation excursion itself!  Doing so is good for your body (inherently more active), good for building a strong sense of community in the place you live, and good for the environment (less pollution)! Emerging bikeshare companies like Jump Bikes (Uber bikes), Citibike and Ford GOBikes make it easier than ever to go carless for a day, so don’t be intimidated, just do a little research and prepare yourself with a good map and daypack. If you live in the Bay Area, replicate some or all of Erica and my “wellness day” in San Francisco!

Catch-up with friends on a walk or hike

A lot of times people suggest grabbing a drink to catch up with friends, but alcohol is a depressant and not always the best way to have a meaningful connection with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Instead, we suggest moving those legs! Studies have shown that people open up more when being active, so much so that some therapists now hold their sessions with clients while running! We’re not 100% sold on that idea, but a walk with friends is definitely a good one. We suggest packing a surprise array of food/drinks that you can enjoy during your excursion. Goodies I often pack include: carrots, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate bar, cans of sparkling water.

Invite friends for a gardening party

One year for my birthday, I hosted a “hoe-down” party where all my friends came over and helped me plant a succulent garden. We had snacks and a total blast planting the various cacti and succulents everyone brought. Don’t be fooled by how tidy Martha Stewart always looked, gardening is serious work that can burn up to 500 calories per hour!

Go out dancing

A night sweating it out on the dance floor is great for the soul and counts as a serious cardio workout. In just one hour of grooving, you can burn between 300 – 500 calories.

Detox & restore at the spa

Catch up with friends as you relax in soaking pools, saunas and steam rooms. Maybe even treat yourself to a royal scrubdown at your local Korean spa.


Spending a couple hours volunteering is sure to keep you on your feet and chatting with others about issues that have social and moral value to you. It’ll feel really good, we promise.

Play Lawn Games

Spikeball, cornhole, horseshoe, bocce, badminton… you name it, we love and encourage it! Whether in your backyard or a nearby public park, playing these games with your friends will elevate your mood and heartrate. In addition to having fun and keeping you active, games like this provide important mental stimuli by demanding quick problem solving (where is the best place to pass the ball?).

Give it a try!

We believe that habits like this are the key to making a FIT lifestyle sustainable and rewarding, no sacrificing of fitness or friendships required. Don’t forget to post your active weekend efforts on social with the tag #honestlyfitfam!

Images by HonestlyFIT, Andrea Posadas and Emilie Bers for FIT, Daniel Chekalov and Katy Belcher